Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anurag Bhateja 1st Blog Contest

Hi all, long time no update. Now i wanna tell you the first contest on Anurag Bhateja blog.
The winner is based on drawing, and you can get entry by digg, tweeting, facebook, blog post, and do commenting in him blog.

This is the prize detail (copied from the original source) :
1. 1st prize: USD 50 (by Anurag Bhateja) + 2 domains of your choice (.com, .net, .org type price slab) (by Anurag Bhateja) + Flickr pro for 1 yr (can be converted into cash) and a wordpress theme (by Anurag Bhateja) + lifetime adv on (wordpress theme and life time adv sponsored by, Unmetered diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
2. USD 25 + 1 domain of your choice (by Anurag Bhateja) and a wordpress theme (wordpress theme sponsored by, 300GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
3. USD 10 + 1 domain of your choice (by Anurag Bhateja), 30GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)
4. 10 domains will be given to randomly selected people (by Anurag Bhateja), 1 GB diskspace (by The Fairytale Host)

Contest is running from 9 September 2009 untul 17 October 2009.
For detail, you can go here

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