Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where we can find a contest on internet?

A lot of people earn in many ways via internet. Get paid to program, selling e-book, join affliate, and many more. And there is one alternative to get some bucks from internet, it's by joining in a contest.

Yes, there is many contest on internet. The prize sometime interesting, for example is with just subscribing, you can get $10. And there is also a contest with a big prize such Xbox 360, etc...

The question is, where we can find a contest on internet? Here is the tips :
1. Googling using keyword such : "contest on internet" or "Online contest"
2. Click this (subforum at DP which contain many information about contest : CONTEST SUB FORUM
3. Subscribe in some "contest about" blog such submityourcontest or feedingthecrave or this blog (of course :D)

Monday, January 12, 2009

PS4FREE forum quite impossible contest :D, but i participate

PS4FREE Forum holding a contest, the prize is $25, given to the member who make the post here : LINK and you'll win it if there is no one who reply your post within 24 hours.

Seem impossible right? Because there is always a member replying post, even in just some hour after you make a post. But well, i'm still participating and waiting for admin response. I'm, and some member already suggest to admin to reduce 24 hour to 12 hour.

Do you want us become more harder to win it? Just participate :P

Win Apple Ipod Shuffle from InfectedByBugs Blog

Win Apple Ipod Shuffle from InfectedByBugs blog by subscribing your email there.
This blog is owned by Shannon Lilly. And if her blog can reach 700 subscriber in the end of January, Apple Ipod Shuffle will be given to one lucky subscriber :D.

By subscribing there, automatically you help her to reach target and have a chance to get the prize.
Also help to spread the word about this program.
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