Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where we can find a contest on internet?

A lot of people earn in many ways via internet. Get paid to program, selling e-book, join affliate, and many more. And there is one alternative to get some bucks from internet, it's by joining in a contest.

Yes, there is many contest on internet. The prize sometime interesting, for example is with just subscribing, you can get $10. And there is also a contest with a big prize such Xbox 360, etc...

The question is, where we can find a contest on internet? Here is the tips :
1. Googling using keyword such : "contest on internet" or "Online contest"
2. Click this (subforum at DP which contain many information about contest : CONTEST SUB FORUM
3. Subscribe in some "contest about" blog such submityourcontest or feedingthecrave or this blog (of course :D)

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