Saturday, February 7, 2009

Win big bucks from JWRMedia - Free online PHP lesson -

JWRMedia is a site which provide a free PHP lesson article. For example (just click) :

- PHP Comments
- PHP Syntax
- Basic about PHP
- and many more...

So, for you who want to learn PHP for free, just visit that site. Anyway, there is an interesting thing about that blog. Currently, JWRMedia is holding a contest and you can get a chance to win a bucks on Win Big Bucks With JWRMedia contest just for make a blog post about the contest, like this post.

Every valid entry (blog post) will increasing the prize by $5. The maximum prize is $750. So, by telling the other about the contest, you help to increase the prize. Interesting right? It's also help the other who looking for free PHP Lesson.

So, what are you waiting for? For more detail, just visit the site via link on above, learn PHP, win a prize :P

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