Saturday, November 22, 2008

SYC Contest... is created by my friend navjotsingh. It's interesting to know that this site is specially created for contest lover just like me :D . Yeah, you can find updated infromation about contest available here, and there is also contest winner information if some contest already ended. You can also submit your contest here. Anyway, if you subscribing to SYC feed via email, there will be a bonus : Contest E-book. It's interesting, right?

Because this is contest special blog, there is also available contest originally created by navjotsingh.

To participate is not too hard, the mandatory is just by subscribing SYC feed using email. There is also many way to get entry.
Deadline is November 30 2008, so you still have an enough time to participate and collect entry. To see the detail of this contest, click : SYC CONTEST

Navjotsingh is my friend, so there is no doubt to participate in this contest.

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rhoula said...

Looks great I love it. But you have a lot of work in front of you.
Good luck my dearest friend.